Miami Vice is the first installment of our EMAS Miami to Ibiza Tradition, bringing a radical change to the space we know as Oak Lawn. The 2016 EMAS Team brought the old school retro Miami Vice theme to the table this year, with one off neon lights on the Main Stage to the Miami city skyline in the Silent Disco! The punters came decked out in their favourite Hawaiian Shirts and Fake Sunnies to Party the night away with our very own EMAS DJs!


by Audrey Tascon

After weeks of planning, three days of set up and two days of pack down, all the time invested into the night of Miami was all worth it. Not even my lack of sleep or exhaustion could put me in a bad mood. My role on the night of Miami was site office manager and I also got to play main stage set from 9:15 to 10pm. Even though these were the main parts of my night, the whole five hours from doors opening to the closing set, everywhere had incredible vibes. All the staff I met was full of smiles even though they were working, and all the punters on the night couldn’t stop dancing and having fun with their friends. Looking around everyone was having a great time no matter what they were doing, including the police who were very amused at watching punters dance. Even people squashed at the front of the mosh loved every bit of it. It’s amazing to see the enjoyment and happiness from everyone on the night, which made me have a great night no matter how stressed or nervous I was.


by Mic Hubert

Twice a year, there’s two things people want to work at on oak lawn, Miami and Ibiza. This year’s Miami Vice Festival was a joy to work at, with fun and friendly punters and even a few friendly birds in sight. The night started as it always does, a regular in flow of people, but around thirty minutes into the event, it just packed out! Oak Lawn was eventually filled with 2000 punters all wanting one thing! A Party in Miami!

Everyone got right into the theme of the night either dressing as someone from Miami Vice or in an EMAS shirt! Music wise, the night started chilled out and quickly turned into things you’d hear on a bass night out! This ranged from Trap, and Drum and Bass to Old Skool Classics, and Throwbacks. One of the fun things I found working was how involved and how much fun everyone had on the night. Whether that was them raving in the silent disco and mainstage or chilling in the chill zone.
Miami Vice this year was one of the most fun festivals I have worked at and the best EMAS festival to date. Let’s hope Ibiza can take it to the next level!


by Zac Bosnakis

As a fresher, going into Miami was so exciting. To see all the work behind the scenes baffled all the freshers about just how big Miami was going to be. And goodness, it did not disappoint! The atmosphere at Miami was absolutely electric, from the silent disco to the main stage, everywhere you went was phenomenal. Even the afterparty was a nice finishing touch to a very memorable night. For our first event as freshers, Miami is definitely going to be one to remember. Ibiza in semester two will be a great opportunity for those who missed out on Miami to be a part of one hell of an event. Miami has definitely pumped up all of us freshers for Ibiza.


by Alastair Punler

This year was my second Miami and 4th EMAS event I’ve attended/been involved in. Miami traditionally does not unveil the full potential of the EMAS collective and the committee is relatively new and we don’t want to be too ambitious with our first event of the year, plus people are only just settling into their new roles in the club. I imagine if you told a punter as they were leaving that that we’ve got more to give, their eyes would have widened.

The week leading up to Miami is a weird cocktail of emotions, the anticipation and excitement is huge, but for me playing my first set on the mainstage I could not have been more nervous. On the night my role was mainstage assistant manager, honestly one of best but deceivingly stressful roles I have ever carried out at an EMAS event. It consisted of welcoming VIPs, making sure DJs were ready to play their sets, and ensuring all the backstage and onstage elements (such as beach balls and glowsticks) were all coordinated.

The entire experience of working back stage was completely electrifying and I’ll give credit to our amazing DJs for this experience. The stage presence and vibe that the mainstage had was insane, sometimes I just loved to stand behind the entire setup and just observe how big, how loud and how spectacular the final product we produced was. That’s something that the club prides itself on, it’s not how specialist or filthy our music taste is, or how cheap our drinks are, but the final product and the attention to every minor detail.



by Sam Rosser

For most Miami was a action packed five hours of music, dancing and general happiness. However for a group of about 100 people, Miami was a much longer event. Throwing a festival for almost 2000 students takes a lot of people power, sleepless nights, hard work and dedication. Fortunately for everyone, these are the aptitudes of all 100 of the volunteers that made MIAMI VICE not only possible, but one of the biggest events EMAS has ever thrown. I was fortunate enough to work along side many of these hard workers, and I take my hat off, because not only did they pour their own time into our event and work their arses off, they all did it with a smile and positive attitude that lifted those around them, and our event in general. Miami Vice would not be possible without these people, and I hope they enjoyed their night, as much as everyone in attendance.


by Tanuj Ruhal

Walk out of Miami with the biggest grin on your face because you know your body isn’t done yet. The bus to the afterparty is a party within itself. When you are dropped off outside one of the best nightclubs Perth has to offer, your heartbeat automatically synchronises with the thump of the bass you can hear a mile away. You line up. Walk in. Smile. The atmosphere at the Miami afterparty at Ambar this year was out of this world. I don’t think uni students normally get the opportunity to dance to bass music in such a capacity but the EMAS DJs did not disappoint. The crowd was seemingly getting bigger and bigger, transition after transition. The fusion between half uni party and half club night had the dance floor running on electricity till 5am. Music choice for the DJs varied from bass house at the opening through trap and drum and bass to finally conclude on the filthiest of sounds you’ve ever heard. Being present at this party has taught me one thing above else – university students are full of surprises.
Miami Vice was definitely one to  remember for all those involved, we can not thank the contractors, staff, and volunteers enough for making EMAS Events amazing! And of course Miami Vice  would not be what it is with out the fantastic crowds that move through our events and continue to support us, no matter what we do, or how crazy we want to go! There is always a crowd of Uni kids ready to jump on board and enjoy the ride! Here’s to IBIZA 2016 …..

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