On the weekend, EMAS UWA and EMAS Curtin took it to a battle and had a blast. Here’s what some of our committee members had to say about the night.

Ian Damant

The clock hit 6.00 pm, and the pre-event I was hosting had officially started. Everyone who came brought their competitive spirit and enthusiasm for an epic night ahead. The boat races were fast and furious, finishing with trembling arms from physical exertion. When the pre-event finished, the night was only just beginning thanks to the arrival of a 45 seater party bus. Equipped with 3 strip poles and all the songs you vaguely remember from back in high school, the bus ride was one of the quickest experiences I’ve had in my life.

The set up for Versus was excellent thanks to both EMAS committee’s performing a stellar job as always to ensure that the event layout, decorations and planning were immaculate. Main stage had a lighting and production set up that would challenge many larger venues, while the silent disco packed a cozy 3-channel setup into a separate room. The DJs read the crowd nicely and all performed sets that were both filled with variety and energy. The crowd was really what set this club night a part to other regular club nights. It didn’t matter if you were from UWA, Curtin or even Murdoch, everyone had a smile on their face, and no one seemed too concerned about exams looming on the horizon. The energy was electric and I cannot wait for the next event EMAS throws together.


Tanuj Ruhal

Villa is a concert venue that gets packed every weekend with special talent from all around the world. So packing it with local talent from a pool of uni students is a massive achievement. As one of the DJs on the night I had a special time playing to the masses on one of the most respected stages Perth has to offer.

The vibe was eccentric and the crowd packed that dance floor like middle aged women did when Oprah came to visit. Everyone was so close to us on the stage it was really warming. The most surprising thing was that the DJs were given complete freedom to play what they wanted and the crowd loved every minute of it anyway. I tell you what, I’m excited to see what level of craziness EMAS will be taking the next doof they throw.


Imogen Bath

The night was an epic musical adventure with many talented human beings battling out their DJ skills through saucy bangers and tunes for days. Here is my go to list on how to have a good time at VERSUS:

  1. Pick your flavour of university: Preferably Curtin just because black is a good colour to create a rad club outfit (if you don’t own an EMAS shirt)
  2. Grab a couple of mates who know to get down and boogie to all tunes provided by the EMAS DJ’s like myself (DJ BATHBOMB)
  3. If you are sensible arrive on time so you don’t miss the first set: BTW Pralay and Zac’s set was epic so #sadface #cry to all those who didn’t actually see them play
  4. Ensure you take a visit the Silent Disco as you can choose to hear what genre of songs you’d like to hear in a “not so quite” secluded area of the venue (meaning if those white girl tunes are being play, everyone would be singing along regardless)
  5. Stay hydrated in a liquid of your choice, preferably ice-cold water
  6. Wear some eye plugs to protect your ears when the bass drops literally to the ground and shakes the entire dance floor
  7. Finally: Dance like bonkers, even if you have the song been played 5 times in the night

It was honestly an extraordinary event and definitely a highlight to end first semester. The girls set with Stef and Chantelle was off the radar, and personally I think was the best set of the night.


Chantelle D’Souza

It hit that time of the year again… where the ultimate battle between Curtin and UWA was about to happen. As soon as I found out that I was playing at versus I was over the moon as I finally got the chance to play a set that wasn’t opening up the club. Preparing our our set was a fun time, as me and Steph spent numerous hours sifting through our music libraries to find the perfect combination of songs to wow the crowd.

On the night things didn’t go as planned, we basically didn’t play our planned set but instead we felt the vibes of the crowd and played songs that we thought was suitable! It was amazing being able to play to a packed out Villa, and having people cheering for you whilst you dropped in a song was the best feeling ever. My favourite part of the night was when in breakdown parts of songs the crowd were chanting UWA and Curtin to try and prove the better side, I watched everyone dance and have a good time and I definitely absorbed their energy whilst on stage! I was excited to drop songs like the Luude flip of Lone, Fuck That by Skrillex, Don’t Let Me Down by the Chainsmokers and of course, What Do You Mean by Justin Bieber. The feeling of playing to a full and energetic crowd is honestly the best feeling that a DJ could ever experience, and I got to experience that at versus.

I honestly had the best time ever at versus and I would 100% can not wait for next year to prove that we are the better University (GO TEAM UWA!).


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