Post Malone at The Red Hill Auditorium

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Buying tickets for Post Malone 4 months ago was an impulse buy for me, thinking I would just secure a ticket and I could sell my ticket later on. As the event got closer, I got so hyped and decided to go. Finally coming to Australia, I was stoked to see he included Perth in the tour as artists don’t normally go out of their way to come here.

Austin Post AKA Post Malone was upgraded from Metro City to the Red Hill Auditorium to accommodate for the large amount of demand shown when his Metro City show sold out instantly. This turned out for the better as the show was given much more individualism than it would have had in a club. The Red Hill Auditorium is an amazing venue with a spectacular view of Perth, with the only downside being that it’s in the middle of nowhere, near the Swan Valley. The reception wasn’t doing anyone any favors, which makes getting home or finding your friends quite tricky. I saw so many people after the show just walking down aimlessly to the main road, I assume to find reception and a way home. I would recommend getting a bus that the event puts on, taking you to the event and then home afterwards.

Post Malone had a variety of support acts before him which really built the suspense for the whole evening. Your Girl Pho was the perfect act to watch while you were having a drink or settling in. Low key, but she really did work wonders. I’d recommend checking her out. Yung Sly was the DJ after Your Girl Pho and I have to say his mixing skills were not shown well on the night. Despite this he did amp the crowd up and play bangers such as Mans Not Hot and a killer remix of Bad and Boujee. To play before Post Malone, Mallrat had a lot to live up to and I think she did an amazing job considering not many people in the crowd would have known her. It was refreshing and I enjoyed many of her songs, including ‘Inside Voices’ and ‘Uninvited’.

In a nutshell, Post Malone really did live up to expectations. Despite being smashed he really engaged with the crowd, truly embracing Australian culture by doing funnels and shoeys in-between songs which I thought was hilarious. Post Malone is a really sweet dude and it was nice to see that shine in his performance, sincerely thanking the crowd after each song.

Post’s set was full of variety, which really helped illustrate his creativity and talent as an entertainer. He played the majority of his first album ‘Stoney’, and kept it fresh by alternating between popular tracks and some of his more indie ones. Between songs he told anecdotes about the experiences he had growing up, finding fame and being an individual, which injected an immense amount of heart into his performance, and was definitely felt by the crowd. His stand-out performances of ‘Go Flex’ and ‘I Fall Apart’ really moved the crowd, and you could really feel the passion behind the lyrics.

Now, I know that I was in the mosh, and when that’s the case you have the be prepared for how many people are going to be crammed around you, but for God’s sake, put your fucking phone down. There were so many times where instead of looking directly at Post, I would have to look at someones phone in front of me for a better view. I don’t want to get off topic but I think you just need to keep the phone in your pocket and enjoy what you paid $80 for.

I have to give it to Austin, he can really take the crowd on a journey. He was able to create an amped up and energetic atmosphere then seamlessly brought us back down to earth with his amazing performance of ‘Feeling Whitney’. The guitar he was playing on wasn’t tuned, leading him to smash it up towards the end, which was definitely a highlight of the night. The final two songs he played, ‘Rockstar’ and ‘Congratulations’, were performed with real integrity, and definitely ended the show with a bang.

The set performed by Post Malone was outstanding and memorable. The amazing venue combined with the emotional atmosphere provided by Austin made it a night to remember. I really hope he comes back to Australia for a festival because I feel that would be a whole other experience entirely.


Written by: Simon Mildenhall

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