Origin 2017: What to expect

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Origin 2017

 EMAS guide: What to expect


Forest Stage

Presenting the more mellow side of this years festival, Origins’ Forest Stage is where you’ll ending up feeling the soothing sounds of harmonious lyrics and smooth beats, brought to you by some of the best producers in the world. If you want to take a break from aggressive hip-hop or the relentless doof-doof of DnB, the Forest Stage is more than likely where you’ll find yourself.



One of the best in the house genre, Big things are to be expected from Kaytranada. From the mellow vibes of ‘GLOWED UP’ to the unique vocal chops of ‘LITE SPOTS’, The set is sure to be a spicy one. Last visiting Perth two years ago, Kaytranada has a unique style and rhythm that is going to attract a packed crowd at Origin this year. His latest album 99.99% is a masterpiece of its genre as every song explores different avenues of his creativity and ability. Kaytranada is renowned for his boiler room sets, playing a variety of unique, underground tracks outside of his own. Kaytranada is something that should not be missed at Origin this year, so let’s hope for no brutal clashes.


Mura Masa

Without a doubt one of the most highly anticipated artists on this years lineup, trekking it all the way from the other side of the world, Mura Masa is without a doubt going to bring in one of the biggest crowds of the night. Famous for his huge hits ‘Love$ick’ and Lotus Eater, Mura Masa is one of the most talented producers in the world, utilizing all manner of instruments and beats to make his music. Although losing the headline position to Kaytranada, Mura Masa will still undoubtedly put on one of the best sets of the festival, playing his music live to the huge crowd that is bound to gather at the Forest.



Another artist to drop a hugely popular album over the course of 2017, Kehlani is, in my opinion, a bit of a strange addition to this year’s Origin lineup, but one that will certainly be welcomed by many. She’s had some huge collaborations, making songs with G-Eazy, Chance the Rapper, and most amazingly for her, Eminem, featuring in ‘Nowhere Fast’ on his new album. A refreshing change of pace, Kehlani will put on a very engaging, soothing show, that is bound to fit in perfectly with the vibes in the Forest area.



Pod Stage

Hip-hop? They’ve got it. Grime? They’re bringing it. Death Walls? They’re most certainly going to be making them. Origins’ Pod Stage is where all you hip-hop and grime fanatics will be spending most of your day, and looking at the talent they’ve secured, we honestly can’t blame you.


Schoolboy Q

Quincy Matthew Hanley AKA Schoolboy Q is the headline act at Origin this year and he is given this title for a reason. He is regarded one of the biggest names in Hip Hop and has worked with artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Vince Staples and Kanye West. With a unique flow and sense of rhythm, Quincy will no doubt get hands in the air with die hard fans following the vocals every step of the way. His performance will be fantastic, and I’m sure huge crowds will amass to enter the New Year with Schoolboy Q.


One of the biggest names in Grime, and one of the biggest names in the world, Stormzy is sure to put on a show that’ll blow people’s minds. His aggressive lyrics paired with an incredible stage presence are bound to create an atmosphere you don’t want to miss. Having dropped one of 2017’s biggest albums, Gang Signs and Prayer, this year has been huge, and I’m still amazed he’s on his way to celebrate New Years Eve in Perth. If you missed his sold out show at Metro City earlier this year, then be sure to catch him playing just before the big man Schoolboy Q.


Big Shaq

I honestly have no idea how the fuck this happened, it’s amazing what being a meme can do for you. Michael Dapaah, aka BIG SHAQ: a mathematical genius, lyrics deeper than Eminem, and a better flow than Kendrick –  this man has somehow found himself on the Origin lineup. Compared to everyone he’s performing alongside, he most definitely doesn’t stand out to me, but there’s no doubt in my mind the stage will be packed to wall to see him shout TWO PLUS TWO IS FOUR MINUS ONE THAT’S FREE QUICK MAFFS. It’s gonna be 31 degrees on NYE, lets see if man still isn’t hot once he’s done on stage.


I’m not personally a fan of their music, but even I can appreciate just how hectic $uicideboy$ will be live at Origin. The atmosphere and energy of the crowd will be amazing, and the duo always seem to do amazing work hyping each other, and the crowd, to extreme lengths. The only show they’ll be putting on in Australia is this one at Origin, and who knows when else you’ll have a chance to see them perform ‘South Side Suicide’ or ‘Paris’ again, so take the chance while you have it, they’re going to be fantastic.



Giggs, one of the biggest names in Grime, has been brought over by Origin as this year’s special guest, adding a little bit more flavour to this years lineup. His deep, melancholic rhymes on tunes like ‘Talkin The Hardest’ and ‘Linguo’ make him an absolute standout artist. Having released some of the biggest singles in the history of Grime. He’s the special guest for a reason, and I definitely recommend giving him a watch.


Base Stage

This one is for you DnB lovers out there. This years festival really does cater to everyones taste. The Base Stage is surely going to be the home of bass at this years Origin, and the DnB fanatics will be shuffling all day judging from the talent they’ve managed to secure. On top of this, there’s going to be some fantastic mic work from the MC’s, and I for one can’t wait to see just how much energy they give the crowd.


Andy C

The lord of Drum and Bass Andy C is making his way back to Perth, after an incredible show earlier in the year with The Compound. One of the most popular DnB producers in the world, Andy C’s music is loved by all, and despite only releasing one single in the last year, his popularity has by no means waned. His fantastic DnB mixing abilities paired with his MC Don Piper will create an absolutely mesmerising show that is well worthy of headlining the Base stage at this years Origin. Even if you don’t love DnB, I don’t see how you could resist the temptation to see him close the festival, he’s definitely one to consider spending your first hour of 2018 with.


Sub Focus

Nothing quite like some chilled af DnB to make your festival experience that much better. I’ll admit to not knowing many of the artists performing on this stage (hence why it may seem a bit bare), but what I do know is that Sub-Focus has produced some beautiful music in his time. Much more chilled than the relentless doof-doof of Andy C, Sub Focus is sure to put on a highly euphoric show. The atmosphere will be mellow, but still uplifting, as he makes way for some of the heavier acts set to come on later in the day. Despite the more relaxed feel his set will have, the crowd will surely be paying full attention to just how fantastic Sub Focus will be.


Terminal Stage

Riddim, dubstep, brostep (whatever the fuck that is), all of it can be found right here, at the Terminal Stage. Although I personally don’t feel this lives up to last years lineup, Origin has secured some diverse, heavy hitting producers from around the globe to drop some face melting tunes. Record scratching, moshpits, an insane amounts of lazers, what more could you possibly want. If you have a heavier taste than most, then boy oh boy you’re in for a treat.


DJ Snake

DJ Snake is without a doubt one of the biggest names in electronic music in the world right now, known for his hugely popular tracks including ‘Turn Down for What’ and ‘Get Low’. Having dropped his huge album ‘Encore’ in 2016, DJ Snake has been making waves in the industry, and amassed an enormous following. Compared to the rest of the music in this area, DJ Snake presents a much more chilled, commercial side of EDM, and it begs the question whether he was given the headline spot purely due to his status. Despite this, I’m sure he will play a diverse set, full of heavy drops and his signature smooth sounds, but whether it’ll be a set worthy of headlining Origin, only time will tell.

Eptic B2B Trampa


Now this, this is going to be heavy. Two of NSD Black Labels heavy hitters are coming to Perth, and they’re going to absolutely shut the Terminal down. Both have had huge years, growing massively in popularity, and I’d willingly pay to see them both separately.

Eptic’s bouncy dubstep style is going to pair interestingly with the heavy wubs Trampa is known for, and this is surely to be one of the sets of the day. Putting these two on the lineup sure makes up for a considerably smaller Terminal lineup compared to last year, and I definitely wouldn’t miss them.


Representing Sydney, Australia’s very own PhaseOne was a late addition to this years Origin lineup, and one that was very well received. The Disciple Records prodigy is well known for his unique style of dubstep, as well as his fantastically heavy-hitting collaborations with the likes of Virtual Riot, Virus Syndicate and many others. Having been privileged enough to see him open for Excision late last year, I can safely say PhaseOne will put on a fantastic set, that is worthy of filling up Rezz’s abandoned spot in the lineup.


Written by:

– Simon Mildenhall

– Will Marsh

Contributions by:

– EMAS UWA Committee

– EMAS CURTIN Committee


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