Miami Vice DJ Comp Winner: Tom Jacobs

On Wednesday March 30 we held our Miami Vice DJ competition. Entrants submitted 20 minute mixes and 8 finalists were chosen who competed at the Tav the win the opening mainstage slot at Miami Vice Festival this Friday.

The competition was fierce but the prize was taken out by Tom Jacobs a.k.a. Thomaus! We caught up with Tom this week to ask him a few questions about entering the comp and plans for his set!


Congratulations on winning the Miami DJ Comp! How excited are you to be opening the Miami main stage this Friday?

Super excited, easily the biggest stage I’ve ever played on. I’m very happy, hopefully there will be people there early enough to see me on the main stage.

How did you first discover your love for electronic music?

Listening to Triple J. I really sort of grew to love two bands RÜFÜS and Disclosure. Not exactly club music but they have elements of house music that lead to me into the genre.

How did you first get into DJing?

I had friends that DJed and I always kept an eye on the DJ’s at house parties to see what they were doing. I got my first controller for Christmas in 2014 and had fun messing around on the decks with friends.

What determined your track selection for your competition set last Wednesday?

I didn’t really plan my set for the DJ comp. On the day I just went through songs on my playlist that had the vibe of an opening set, that were able to warm things up and keep it chilled. I didn’t rehearse my set but I knew what I wanted to play. I tried to not overshadow the other contestants, there’s no point playing heavy music for a warm up set.

Any tracks that you are pumped to play at Miami?

There are tracks I’d love to play that are not really suited for an opening set. If I could I would play ‘Listen to the Talk’ – Chocolate Puma. For my set though I’m stoked to play ‘From Me to You’ – Yolanda Be Cool, a summer house track that’s super chilled.

If you could pick any artist to go back to back with on the Miami mainstage, who would it be?

My favourite artist at the moment is Chris Lake, he used to produce mainstream music, but he’s gone back to producing more underground, danceable house music. Definitely my favourite artist at the moment.

What do you like to do outside of DJing?

Basketball mainly. I’ve been playing for about 10 years, although it’s more of a social thing now. DJing is really of what I like doing in my spare time. Apart from drinking with friends of course!

What in your opinion makes a good mix?

I’d say the core element is when you can’t tell if its’ one song playing or two. You shouldn’t be able to differentiate between the two songs being mixed.

Finally, any tips and tricks for those entering DJ comps in the future?

Keep mucking around with it. Get your name out there and put yourself forward. My first comp was actually for EMAS’s 2015 Ibiza Darkside event, I made it into the finals and although I didn’t win, it made me focus on what I did right and what I didn’t. Just give it a go.

Catch Tom playing as Thomaus from 7pm on the mainstage at Miami Vice this Friday!

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