EMAS Presents: MIAMI VIBES 2017

Miami vibes.. one of the biggest Miami events we have thrown to date. Thank you to each and everyone that came, supported our event and partied hard with us. This is our clubs biggest passion, and because of you guys supporting and helping to sell out our events, we get to carry on doing what we love.


?: Connor Bryan

Being a committee member and getting to see and be involved in the behind the scenes work of running a festival is an incredible opportunity. Each and every time we run a Miami or Ibiza, I am taken aback. So much went into the night; we worked tirelessly to set up and pack down from the Wednesday and did not stop until late Sunday night. The amount of planning, crafting, creating, brainstorming and building that we did was in the works for months prior to this one amazing night.

?: Connor Bryan

We did things differently this year in terms of the capacity, layout and set up and boy did it go better than expected. It was incredible seeing everyones faces as they came into the event, appreciating all the hard work we had put in; the exhaustion and short tempers quickly left as we began to see the punters enjoying all that Miami had to offer. Below we have a couple of reviews from the perspectives of working, Djing and punting..Enjoy!

Punters perspective

by Jordan Harrison
Miami Vibes 2017 was by far the most extravagant and fun uni event I’ve been to this year. The music, the lighting, the set up and the theme all lived up to the high expectations set by what I was told would be the biggest event of the year. The silent disco had three channels; bass, house and party, all of which absolutely rocked it.17862507_1856516891040967_3282244823749807574_n
?: Connor Bryan

A big shoutout to Fogdog who played one of the best bass sets I’ve heard in my life! The main stage DJ’s brought the house down with their killer tunes and amazing mixes! At the start of the night there was room to dance while we waited for people to flow in, but as soon as it hit 9 the mosh filled up entirely and stayed that way for a reason; because the DJ’s worked with the crowd so well and blasted banger after banger. Whether it was by squirting punters with a water gun or drinking out of a flamingo, EMAS made it a night to remember! Miami vibes 2017 was down right amazing!

Mainstage DJ

by Naomi Alban
Miami Vibes 2017 has got to be the biggest and, in my opinion, the best Miami festival EMAS has ever thrown. With 2200 students raving on Oak Lawn in a festival-style environment that is truly unique to EMAS, I can’t possibly imagine one person that could’ve been unimpressed. Having dedicated endless hours in the lead-up to the event on marketing and aiming for a sell-out, amongst others, it was an absolute privilege to then have the opportunity to DJ at 10pm, alongside Zac on mainstage to a sold out student crowd. Whilst time management was a challenge in planning a killer set, everything came together and I couldn’t have thought of a better way to absolutely top off what was already a lit Miami. The crowd’s energy was contagious, as each set on mainstage built up, peaking at Sam and Tyner’s set that concluded the night.

?: Connor Bryan

Whilst vibing on mainstage to some of the biggest big room tracks you can possibly imagine (you had to be there really), closing tokens for the night and jamming out to the final song Shooting Stars (what a meme) was one of my highlights. It was amazing to see all the long hours of planning and hard work setting up finally pay off. This time round was like no other for many reasons. For one, the site was arranged completely different to the standard, with a scaffolding tower aligned at the rear of the crowd towering over the whole festival-making the perfect lookout for any photographers seeking that perfect shot. Not only this, but it was the first time we did a silent disco in the ref courtyard (well the first time anyone has), creating the ideal space for anyone keen on an SD rave. Other than these major and definitely worth it changes, Miami this year made for more space and the festival vibe sustained. For an event that we start planning about 3-4 months in advance, Miami 2017 was truly a rewarding experience.


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