Miami 2018 DJ Comp Winner: ROLD

Our annual Miami DJ competition showcased the talent that university DJ’s have and gave them a chance to open our first festival of the year. Entrants submitted 20 minute mixes and 8 finalists were chosen to compete at the UWA Tavern.

The finals were judged and although tight, the winning spot was claimed by Harold Nguyen, who is also known as ROLD. We had a bit of a chat with Harold about his introduction into DJing, his favorite bangers and some of his idols in the music industry.

ROLD is a skilled scratcher, using turntables and records to add a unique flair to his mixes. The Perth DJ is constantly improving his techniques and going outside the box to make his style his own. Just listening to his scratching is a treat and it is refreshing to see a DJ experiment with such a forgotten art. Starting out listening to old-school hip-hop but now ROLD is into a lot more electronic/dance. His favourite genre is the soulection sound, which is referred to as ‘future beats’.

ROLD is more of a house DJ, playing at parties because of the flexible and relaxed environment of a party where you are able to have fun with your mixes. The whole technical turntablist side of DJing is not common amongst club setups, where parties allow you to play how you want. Making apperances at Scion Night Club and Curtins Grasslands festival last year, he has the technical skills to adapt to his enviroment and can please almost any crowd. Keep an eye out at your next party, he may be scratching the turntables 😉

What is your favourite track at the moment?

‘Nice for What’, the Lauryn Hill sample is a jam.

Whats your dream DJ setup?

The setup I have atm; 2x Stanton STR8.150 turntables and a Traktor Z2 mixer But if I ever switched from Traktor, I’d cop the new Rane 72 + 12s (basically a turntable without a needle).

Which do you prefer, Laptop or USB’s?

Laptop for sure, I don’t really use CDJS/XDJs much so no need for a USB. I prefer DVS (digital vinyl system) so you’d need a laptop anyways to hook it all up.

What would be your number one tip for beginner DJs?

Just listen to some mixes/sets of the DJs you dig and learn from them.

How did you get into DJ’ing?

I was visiting family over in France for the first time and my cousin (DJ azya) showed me what he could do with a turntable and a mixer. So yeah, then I bought a bunch of scratch records and a used mixer as soon as I got back home.

Which DJ would you like to have a coffee with and why?

DJ Craze. He’s a comedian, and also the guy won the world DMC 3x in a row

If you had the chance to play a B2B set with anyone at any festival, who would you play with and at what festival?

The duo ‘2 Cents’ (DJ Craze + Four Color Zack) because their sets are ridiculous, so basically a b2b2b. But yeah that set wouldn’t sound great because they’re on another level. And that’d be @”Holy Ship!”, which is pretty much a festival on a boat!

Describe your Miami experience using only emjois?


Check out his official mix below 👇

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