Ibiza 2017 DJ Comp Winner: Existic

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Earlier this semester, we held our Ibiza 21 DJ competition in the lead up to our annual event. Entrants submitted 20 minute mixes and 8 finalists were chosen who competed at the UWA Tavern to win the opening mainstage slot at this semester’s festival.

The competition was close and of a high standard, but the prize was taken out by Dylan Gibbs, who goes by the DJ name Existic. We caught up with Dylan recently to chat about where to find bangers, dream gigs & his fav future house producer.

Despite realising his passion for DJing less than a year ago, Existic has accumulated a huge amount of experience. The 18-year-old Perth DJ has played at venues such as Amplifier Capitol, The Brass Monkey and The Game Sports Bar among others, and is constantly improving his ever evolving skillset. His favourite genres include various types of House (Future House, Bass House and Deep House) in addition to Trap and Drum & Bass. Behind the decks, Existic loves to mix with high complexity, rarely playing a song for much longer than 60 seconds, and including plenty of mashups and throwbacks to keep the crowd interested.


How did you come up with your DJ name; Existic?

I had been DJing for a few months before I really came up with a name, and I was really struggling to come up with one I loved, but then I was practicing and it just sort of popped into my head… at first it was just a placeholder but eventually I grew to like it!

What is your favourite track at the moment?

I wouldn’t say I never really have a favourite song because I listen to such a wide variety of music (you’ll literally find Flume next to like EDEN in my personal playlists – yeah don’t ask) but if I had to give an answer at the moment I’d probably have to give that one to “Sins” by Jay Eskar & Hilfilter. It’s just the perfect clash of Bass and Future House, which I love.

Who is your favourite artist and why?

I’d probably have to say Tchami – he just produces such a unique sound you don’t hear from anyone else and he might be one of the most consistent producers I’ve ever heard – honestly can’t say there’s a song he’s made that I don’t like.

5 words of encouragement you would give to a bedroom DJ just starting out?

Mix for an hour daily. Trust me if you do this and record and listen to your one hour sets every day you’ll be really good really fast… in fact maybe don’t – you’ll be stealing my gigs in no time 😛

Describe your Ibiza experience using emojis?


How do you find new music?

I love listening to sets from all the big music festivals from my favorite artists so I find a lot of music from those – and whenever I hear a good song on the radio or at a club, I’ll try figure out the name (which usually involves the app Shazam). I also find a bunch of music from YouTube as well as Soundcloud’s “Discover” feature.

What’s your dream DJ Setup if money was no obstacle?

At home I’m currently rocking 3x XDJ-1000s with a DJM-800 mixer which I’m extremely pleased with and I think I’ll get quite a while longer out of them because they have absolutely everything I need and are perfect for practicing for club gigs. However, I don’t think I could turn down a set of CDJ-2000 Nexus 2’s and a DJM-900 NXS2; those things are incredible.

What’s your dream gig?

My dream gig would definitely be at one of the big music festivals like Ultra or Tomorrowland. The vibe at these events is incredible, but honestly any big event with an energetic crowd with a similar taste in music would be pretty close.

Which DJ/producer would you take out for coffee and why?

I think my number one choice would be Tchami – I haven’t heard many interviews with him and I’d really like to know more about how he thinks about music genres (because he was one of the first to produce Future House) and I’d love to get any tips he’d have for someone who wants to be where he is!

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