EMAS Weekender: Sets On The Beach

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Sets On The Beach has been a Perth Summer Festival highlight over the years, booking an array of both international and local artists alike playing live or DJ sets. Saturday’s sold out Summer Send-Off festival proved another epic lineup featuring artists from Crooked Colours to Just A Gent, and despite the overcast weather, thousands of punters headed to Port Beach in Fremantle for what was going to be a damn good time.

Whilst I was unsure what to expect being my first Sets On The Beach experience, I was not disappointed. Mainstage was on a large grassed area overlooking the water, making for an incredible atmosphere as the sun set, the local stage had been transformed into a jungle-like beach and the silent disco was literally on the beach. What’s not to love? Whilst I did not enter the silent disco because the line was unbelievably long, the prospect of having a beach rave astounded me and we could easily go from the beach to mainstage (no shoes necessary). I loved the laid-back vibe Sets had going, and how it picked up come night and whilst raving practically on the beach was quite bizarre, it’s really this that differentiates Sets On The Beach from any other festival in Perth.

Written by: Naomi Alban

Expectedly we were a little late to the party and upon arriving, only caught the end of Perth up-and-comers Oriental Cravings, who are quickly making a name for themselves in the music industry with their unique sound. Kicking off their Australian and New Zealand debut tour at Sets, these local boys delivered a diverse set including both originals and massive EDM tunes, creating a perfect balance late afternoon.

Following Oriental Cravings was Brisbane rapper Camoflague Rose, best known for his popular hip-hop anthem Late Nights, a tune we all love to sing along to and have a boogie to. 

Whilst the crowd seemed to enjoy his set (although majority were smashed) Camoflage Rose’s set was a disappointment. Not only did he stop/start songs like Black Skinhead during the drop (to scream out “form a fucking mosh pit”) and then play an unfamiliar song, he also teased Late Nights multiple times, playing the intro, pausing it, and yelling something incoherent then playing another song. The only highlight was when he finally played the entirety of Late Nights at the end of his set, although he wasn’t singing live and rapping words over a prerecorded backing track. As I wasn’t enjoying the performance, we then proceeded to the local stage known as ‘Tiki Island’ where DJ Wonton was DJing up a storm. Following this, we managed to hear the end of American electronic music producer Girraffage. After the release of his LP Too Real late last year, he had plenty to showcase the crowd. Overall, Girraffage created an amazing vibe at Sets when playing crowd favourites.

In between sets we made our way to the front of the mainstage ready for Crooked Colours, the highlight of my experience.  Their live set was an absolute surreal experience, playing songs from their 2017 album Vera including Come Back To You, All Eyes, Show Me and my all-time favourite Flow. Their unique indie-electronic sound looked like it was enjoyed by everyone at Sets, with good vibes felt all-round in the crowd. The various tempos and rhythms of each of their tracks was reflected by all three band members and the production, where the visuals displayed the beautiful and eclectic Vera album cover. Their performance was full-on and absolutely incredible. There are no words to describe the atmosphere created by Crooked Colours, you simply have to experience it for yourself. Therefore, I’d highly recommend that if you get the chance, see them live.

Crooked Colours were a hard act to follow, however electronic Sydney duo Set Mo kept the energy high, delivering a DJ set, featuring a variety of tunes including  all-time favourite Comfort You. They played an expected deep house set suitable for the timeslot. Just A Gent followed with a dynamic future bass set that included tracks Loaded and Heavy As A Heartbreak. Everyone gathered to the mainstage as the event soon came to a close with Riva Starr getting everyone grooving to some hyped and upbeat house tunes.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my first Sets On The Beach experience. The lineup is always diverse, catering to all music tastes as well as providing a different atmosphere on the beach, unique to any other music festival. I would highly recommend to attend at least once, if you get the opportunity.

We managed to ask Set Mo a few questions about their experience at Sets On The Beach and a few other cheeky ones as well 😉

What was your highlight from Sets this year?

Just getting to play to a crowd that size in such an amazing location is pretty bloody special. Was also good having some friends on the bill, always makes for a good time.

If you could have a beer with any artist/group, who would it be and why?

Pharrell cause he’s pretty much the maddest bloke out there.

With your tour in a few weeks , whats the best crowd you have played to?

It’s so hard to say, honestly. We love playing big festival stages as it’s a pretty amazing feeling playing to that many people. That being said we equally enjoy playing small sweaty clubs where you can high five the crowd. They’re both great experiences just for different reasons and we like the variety of shows we get to play.

What advice do you have for Amateur DJ’s and Producers in the industry?

The best piece of advise we heard a few years ago was a saying we saw that says “It takes ten years to become an overnight success”. Remember to work hard, be patient and if you really want something it will come to you in time.

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