EMAS Weekender: Mija

This weekend Ambar was graced with Los Angeles DJ and producer, Mija. She is taking the profession by storm in a world that is majorly dominated by male acts. She does not conform with any genre, instead dabbles in house, future bass and trap to name a few. Her most recent production includes a collab with Lil John called ‘Crank It’, released on record label OWSLA. This weekend a couple of the EMAS crew went underground to experience the talent that is Mija.

Mija by Leena Fogarty

I was absolutely over the moon when I first heard that Mija would be returning to Perth this month, and knew I would be going to her show no matter what. I had the absolute privilege of hearing her play a support set for Jauz just under a year ago – and have looked up to her as one of my favourite female DJs ever since.

As soon as you see her you know she is a fun kinda gal, and her set on Friday night was nothing less. She is known particularly for her ability to mix songs of different genres both seamlessly and artistically. She did exactly this for the duration of her 90 minute set – covering house, future bass, hiphop, dubstep, trap and everything in between – in the same way she did in her well known “Fk a Genre” mix. She even played a little jazzy tune when Audrey called “one more song” (we got three, how cool is that).

?: KS Digital Media

It was an absolute pleasure to be able to see Mija do her thing – everyone that wasn’t there truly missed out. She had so much fun and energy about her – as did every person in the crowd.

Ps, thank you Hiline for the fairy bread.

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