EMAS Weekender: 5-7/8/2016 Father ft. JCAL

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by Jerry Dibble

For the first weekend of August, Father presented JCAL at Flyrite over the weekend as part of a weekend series of artists to play at the event. Despite it being a rainy night, there was a decent number who turned up to see the local Perth producer who is still very young at 19 and will soon burst out into his prime.

JCAL describes himself as a music maker slash emotion creator which accurately describes his style of music where you shouldn’t expect to hear him touch into mainstream EDM or in line with the Dubstep culture which dominates Perth at the moment. Hence, JCAL was a perfect fit to make his arguably most hyped and first ‘popular’ debut at the famous club night. From my personal deduction, JCAL’s style to me dwells towards the side of ‘beats’ music with a strong influence of acoustic-electronica. From his general stream of tracks, you get the vibe of overly distorted sounds which are borderline cringe. However, he also swoops by some lovely chords and melancholic sounds where female vocal slurs will be sure to drift your feels into the underlying groovy beat.

When it hit 1am, the dance floor was half-filled, definitely not packed or mad but the moment that JCAL rocked up in his bandana mask, he had the crowd pondering as to how lit the next hour was going to become next. It was cool seeing Chiseko, a member of FOURAM collective which JCAL is also a part of, kill the stage and basically became the hype-man for the start of the show. Another aspect which is super cool about JCAL’s show is that he has some live elements happening such as a MIDI keyboard by the side and a Roland drum machine which you would see him furiously pound. Great to see his friends giving him the support he deserves. JCAL’s set compromised names such as Schoolboy Q, A$AP Rocky, Denzel Curry, Dabow and even a Sam Gellaitry track which pleased my taste a lot. For the most part the vibes compromised mostly of that dank slower and heavier OG trap vibe around the 128 BPM mark. He played a lot of rap beats and also showed a lot of love for Max Black, another member of FOURAM collective with some seriously dangerous beats sure snap your neck. JCAL played some tracks by Carmack too such as SIMPLER as well as beats by Kaytranada and Oshi which you can probably deduce the vibes the night possessed as all the boys at the front had their trap arms going in a mosh of hectic partying for the whole club to endure. However, some of the most memorable songs I know and heard was the Work Remix by A$AP Ferg, Morphine by Max Black and Geisha by Dabow. Bottom line, one of my friends said that he had never seen Father that turnt up in a while which says more than what I could describe of the night overall.

Seeing JCAL was a pleasant experience for my musical taste because of the slow trap which was still heavy and hard but just slightly different. Its not in the common bpm range but his set had a lot of rap or vocals which was dope. I personally quite enjoyed seeing JCAL live because it fit my music taste although I wouldn’t say he exactly produces that style much. But he had to cater for the event which is understandable but I honestly would have liked to hear way way way more of his unreleased originals. Maybe he did play them but I would not have known unfortunately.

Go check out my personal favourites of JCAL’s music such as Karma, Without You, Asia and ILYTMTHY. JCAL’s music sounds like some real honest shit but he also adds that twist of ‘beats’ music that makes it easy to swallow for Soundcloud browsers in that niche he fills. Be sure to catch him this Friday closing for HIDEOUT bringing in Yahztel and future events in Perth. Definitely check him out as a unique artist who’s doing his own thing in his own style in a wave of kids riding the same grain.


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