EMAS WEEKENDER: 3-5/6/2016 Motez, Hospitality & HILINE

Motez @ Jack Rabbit Slims

by Courtney Elliott

After a killer groovin’ set at Llama Bar for Akuna back in 2014, hitting up Motez at one of our fave local venues, Jack Rabbit Slims was a must. With a sold out show and stellar support line up (featuring our very own House wizard Chino Gambino), the weekend could not have come any sooner. Even with the cool, wet conditions outside the venue, inside was steamy and very cosy, with the crowd packed from wall to wall nodding away to the four-to-the-floor deep house jams.

Motez is definitely one of the producers who has been killing it in the Australian House seen recently and has progressed immensely with his artist development over the last couple of years. Highlights from his set include our favourite remix of his, his spin on Sage the Gemini’s Gas Pedal, although we’re certain he played a vibin’ VIP on the night. Other bangers include his recent release Down Like This featuring vocals from queen Tkay Maidza, which he did a great job of hyping before it dropped. He also had some great throwbacks like a cool version of Groove Armarda’s Superstylin, but nothing will compare to the intense energy felt by the crowd as he pressed play on his closing tune which was none other than a-Ha’s classic Take On Me. Surprised? So were we. But it was downright awesome.

All in all Motez was a great representation of a killer house DJ, and with his incredibly clean mixing style and live performance elements, it was worth the venture. 10/10.


Hospitality Perth @ Metro City

by Alex Perera & Courtney Elliott

Following a huge Hospitality 2015 lineup featuring Fred V & Grafix, Metrik, S.P.Y and the top dog himself, Tony Colman aka, London Elektricity, we knew attendance of this years event was one not to be forfeited. And what an absolutely refreshing experience it was, to party with the best of Perth’s bass music scene, the true heads of DnB. The type of crowd these international artists attract are always the friendliest bunch, driven by their passion for this brighter side of the genre. This year the line up included long awaited angels Etherwood and Maduk, alongside label owner London Elektricity and Danny Byrd who recently graced our shores for a headliner slot at Breakfest in 2015. This year they also brought across MC Fava to host the show.

London Elektricity’s golden boy, Etherwood, was set to open at this year’s Hospitality. Disappoint, he did not, with an emotional one hour set that had the dancefloor packed and moving to his magnificent track selection and mixing. Classics such as High Contrast’s Hometown Glory and Twilight’s Last Gleaming were featured thoughout his set along with Etherwood’s own newer tracks like Souvenirs. Amen Roadtrip was an instantly recognisable throwback Etherwood’s roots and captured the entire audience. It was impossible to find a window in his set where you were prepared to leave to go to the get a drink or attend to natures calling. The one time an attempt was made we heard the beckoning call of absolute anthem Forrest Fires, where we were enraptured by the instrumentals and yet again unable to retreat.

The highlight of Etherwood’s set was bar far the phenomenal Bachelors of Science tune, Song for Lovers. Either someone was slicing onions on the dance floor during this track, or Etherwood’s sublime performance had captured the hearts and minds of an entire venue of Drum and Bass lovers.

Stepping up to this year’s Hospitality with some huge tracks and mixing in his quintessential style, Maduk played an outstanding set, full of energy and good liquid vibes. With feature tracks Just Be Good and Never Give Up from his newly released album – Never Give Up, on Hospital Records, Maduk certainly delivered on the hype. Fresh tracks such as a remix of Kernkraft 400 made it into the set and kept the hour mix unpredictable and interesting. One of Maduk’s most recognisable tunes, Ghost Assassin, put the icing on an already wonderful mix and made the night one to be remembered.

London Elek’s set was yet again one of the quirkier aspects of the show. This don is not a stranger to the Metro City mainstage, and previous performances included him gracefully rolling across the front of the stage and performances mixing on vinyl. However his recent shows I felt like his mixing was overshadowed by the high skill level of the kids on his label. Yet this time he managed to impress us a put on a really good show. Highlights of his set this year included his all time classic Just One Second and recent Perth DnB lovers’ favourite DRS – The View. He was also crazy good at engaging the crowd, taking a seat on a chair in front of the decks and mucking around with MC Fava.

Finally, label favourite Danny Byrd stole the show. Once he stepped up there would be no one leaving the gig to go home early. After recently seeing him play only 6 months ago we weren’t entirely sure what to expect from him, but he was a able to mix it up and proved once again that he is a killer DJ alongside being a successful producer. His set included tracks unfamiliar to a typical DnB performance such as Skepta’s Thats Not Me and a 128bpm remix MJ Cole had done of Danny Byrd and Netsky’s anthem Tonight. With sneaky buildups into massive Jump Up drops, Danny Byrd kept it fresh and left everyone wanting more when the club closed.

With a huge support line up of local legends and a well picked collection of Hospital Records artists, we thought this gig was one of the most rewarding Metro City shows we have attended so far this year. Big ups Inhibit Promotions!


Hiline: Antiserum, Mayhem & Apashe @ Villa

by Liam Gallagher

HILINE has over the past year and a half established itself as a premier electronic music event in Perths’ ever-growing bass music scene, with HILINE Bender doing nothing to dent that established reputation. The night was littered with exceptional artists playing on mainstage such as APASHE, the Belgian-born Canadian Trap artist, and the duo Mayhem and Antiserum whilst also offering an upstairs silent disco showcasing some of Perth’s up and coming DJ’s.

From an upstairs balcony view I was able to bear witness to some of the most up-tempo sets I’ve seen this year, with his mixture of trap infused with electro sounds making the whole crowd stay on the dance floor, going hard all night long. The highlight of the night came when APASHE played his most recognisable song, No Twerk, to a Villa crowd that was singing every lyric of the song right back at him. With this being said Mayhem and Antiserum did not disappoint either, playing an extended set that closed off an incredible night. Admittedly not having heard much from Mayhem and Antiserum, I was pleasantly surprised to hear how variant and versatile their set was, that was able to keep a packed out Villa partying hard into the early hours of a Monday morning.

For all who would consider going to a HILINE event, it will not disappoint. It will leave you feeling sore the next morning but also provide you with a night of great memories every time.


by Zac Boznakis

With a very suitable opening set from Mike De Wet that revolved around a Trap vibe, it gave way to some big name artists that followed in Antiserum, Mayhem and Apashe. With a silent disco upstairs run by some members of the EMAS crew, Villa had a given people a bit of a range of music to listen to, or to take a break from the immense rinsing that the main stage artists induced. Overall an absolute great night to take a break from study over the long weekend.


Photography credit: Sistymatic Photography


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