by Jerry Dibble


Keef, the newly established alias has just developed a name for himself despite getting on the scene only a year ago where within a year, he has already torn up the turf. The twenty year-old stems from humble beginnings when EMAS hosted a DJ competition for one of our events. Since then, he has climbed his way up to earn spots beside the scene’s heavyweights and this reflects his skills, taste and hard work Keef has put into nurturing his style. He’ll be able to swing Hip-Hop beats all the way down to dark Dubstep as showcased in his debut track South Dark. Keef played a Hip-Hop set at Ambar to open the night and did a decent job of delivering those rap tunes whilst holding back on the heavy style he usually delivers.

Overall, his set was a good way to launch the night off and his selection contrasted quite differently to the acts following. Be sure to check out his track on Soundcloud and you’ll be seeing this Trap lord delivering the heavy underground trap more and more in the Perth scene for those overly energetic strangers.


Oriental Cravings has clearly proven their name not as up-and-coming anymore as they have almost broken a thousand followers on Soundcloud in such a short time, exemplifying their quick progression. They have rightfully earned their way into collectives such as Phonotecture and Wus Gud. Their tracks, Python and Pandora, have recently been released through The South East Grind, a sought after, fresh and hip Australian label that spotted their talent. Not to forget Sonic released by OTODAYO Records has broken twenty thousand plays with that vigorous ethnic-influenced heavy-hitting beat only to get your gouche tickled as well by the fat 808s. Oriental Cravings amazingly encompass their ethnic vibes surprisingly well with their unique blend in trap where it wouldn’t be surprising to see them touch soft-core Dubstep in future songs.

Their set for HILINE was fucking cool, not gonna lie. Both members of the duo wore contrasting black and white clothing that was a symbolic detail for Yin and Yang-pretty dope if you ask me. They started their set off with some 128 trap which was tight in giving a slowed down OG trap vibe and things could only get wilder, faster and more hectic from there. The duo killed it with their special and crafted selection of songs that portrays their oriental front. I am always intrigued and appreciate how the duo manage to slay their Asian blended style with heavier trap. When they started their set, the club was somewhat dead and just began filling up. But as they got more into it, they shook things up with the crowd getting bigger and bigger. People were starting to get wild and the club definitely loved their show just like I did. They played many tracks by the Phonotecture label side such as Nafy and Shahly while also delivering their own music such as Sonic. However, one tasty part of the night, was their special tease of their upcoming collaboration with Wolf Grey, another duo from the Perth scene. The track was huge and there’s a whole story behind copyright issues but go to Wolf Grey’s Facebook page for that.

The Oriental boys have played at Ambar again sure to slap people in their faces with their one-of-a-kind style. Honestly, a great act to see live as you probably won’t hear anything quite like it. Its just a little different, a little spicy.


I first came across the name MYRNE from his collaboration with graves on the song Tiger Blood that received viral attention from many including the likes of Diplo as seen on his Snapchat. The young producer gains his roots from a classically trained background where he began producing at the ripe age of seventeen from a minimal setup that did not stop him from perfecting and nurturing the producer he is today. MYRNE describes his brand as a cover of Indie Electronica with sounds exuberating R&B, Future Bass and Trap. Already, this sounds like a tasty blend that he manages to beautifully craft in his tunes with luscious chords and orchestral composition in his productions. MYRNE definitely poses talent beyond any other producer out there with his musical knowledge and clear passion for music even before EDM. Its no surprise Diplo signed him.

When I heard that the Boomtick boys has locked MYRNE to play at HILINE, I was pleasantly surprised and wanted to check out his set as a contrast to the usual roster of artists which flow through the ‘bass music’ club. When you listen to MYRNE, you pay attention to the juicy chords and the euphoric harmonies that flows right through your feels for some slight lovey-dovey vibes.

MYRNE started his set playing all the generic tunes from today’s EDM pop list such as Jack U’s songs and I was somewhat surprised at first to hear that stuff. It was only halfway through his set that I began to hear his iconic tracks such as Tiger Blood, Someone to Hold and his collaboration with SteLouse, Call Me. I felt like he wanted to get through all the mediocre tunes, get all that over and done with to please the crowd and test the waters. It was great hearing his chordy tunes on a big system because it is somewhat a rare thing to hear often in Perth. People loved it though. Perhaps slightly caught off-guard from what they usually expect in a ‘bass club’ but a good change-up nonetheless. I remember a super slick transition from Hotline Bling into Crank That where everyone lost their shit in the club which was somewhat amusing. MYRNE however, took the night for a wild turn as be began playing full-on energetic dubstep out of nowhere! He even played the Drum & Bass remix of The Dopest by Moksi which was definitely something I would not have expected from his musical style. The whole time he had a grin and smile on his face as people pointed it out to me as well which was probably a sign of him having a fun time playing stuff he usually doesn’t get to go as hard with normally I guess.

But to be honest, it would have been nicer to hear more of MYRNE’s originals, not just the ones that were club-friendly. I really vibe off the more relaxing and emotional songs he has created but I guess a show is going to be a show. Bottom line, MYRNE is a producer who is musically talented where he delivers tasty chords with a trap blend to listeners looking for something more meaningful than the usual stuff on the EDM platter. Its reassuring that real musicians still exists in the ‘DJ’ scene and that they are still writing meaningful and genuine music.

After his set, a couple of the local boys showed him the love of a Snack Pack to complete the ultimate clubbing experience and he devoured that shit. It was great to see MYRNE get booked at Ambar because it was something a bit more musical than usual. It’s a reminder that the heavier side of EDM or ‘bangers’ can still encompass a more musical side with all sorts of influences even from R&B or soul music. Unlikely, but I can only hope that promotions companies or booking agents in Perth will bring in more talent like MYRNE or similar in the future.

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