BASSMENT’s 2nd Birthday ft. POgman @ Gilks

by Maitland Casey

The night had finally come, the event I’d heard so much about but had never taken the chance to experience, BASSMENT.  The second anniversary of Perth’s well known, consistently sold out event was on and I’d happened to have chosen this particular one along with a quite a few other mates to be the one where we lost our Bassment virginity. Some of those same friends had previously attended their last bigger event Concept at Metro city and had told me stories of how amazing that was but as I’ve heard by many others, Bassment just doesn’t feel like the ‘real’ Bassment unless it’s at the infamous Gilkinsons dance studio.

This has been an event I’ve wanted to check out for ages, having a love for the heavier side of dance music it was inevitable I’d eventually end up here, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. As soon as you get inside you feel straight away that this event doesn’t feel like any ordinary club night.  It had a grungy, dark and ominous vibe about which was exactly what I was expecting. At this point around 11:30 the event was decently packed but with being quite a large are it was still fairly easy to walk around and have enough space to dance without it feeling cramped. This is always an awesome benefit considering previous events I’ve attended in the past can be very annoyingly claustrophobic and take away some of the enjoyment and vibe of the night. Once on the floor I noticed the lighting of the event wasn’t as stimulating and in your face as you might see at other venues such as Villa or Metro city but in turn I feel this added to the vibe of the event keeping it simple and maintaining that dark vibe it’s known for. The iconic visual display however was highlight of the stage drawing your attention from any part of the venue, it was impossible to miss and was just as impressive as I’d seen in videos and heard from others.

Prior to P0gman, Blackfoul and A1 Dubz did a great job warming up the crowd with that filthy Riddim style with a pinch of trap and grime at some points to mix up the vibe a little. Seeing hands in the air and people shouting out in excitement every time another awesome tune was thrown down definitely made me just crave more and got everyone excited for what was yet to come . A definite highlight was when A1 Dubz dropped ‘Bassline Junkie’, a quite unexpected tune to drop from my perspective but it was perfect with the whole crowd singing along enjoying every second until being sent into a frenzy once dropped back into dubstep.

P0gman however was the definite highlight of the night and exceeded my expectations. Being one of the leading faces in the dubstep scene and also this being his 3rd round at Bassment he definitely knew what he was doing. The floor was absolutely packed out, it was sweaty, it was hot and the crowd went wild for every single tune he played. Playing out crowd favourites like ‘Pizza’ and ‘Make it so’ all the way to tunes like Boombox Cartels DnB Flip of ‘The Dopest’ and Slushii’s Remix of ‘Killa’ every song kept the crowd going mental the whole set and the 90 minutes felt like almost nothing. He really brought the goods for Bassment’s second birthday and I didn’t even contemplate for a second about leaving the dance floor the whole set.

There was only one downfall the night however. Having arrived to the venue at 10pm it took us, even having pre purchased ticket, over and hour and a half to get into the venue with the line being nothing like what I’ve experienced at any other event. Once inside though I felt it was worth the wait and will be definitely be returning in the near future.


Japan 4 ft. Brillz & Enschway @ Ambar

by Matthew Savich

On a 13 degree wet and stormy night you wouldn’t expect many people to be out and about especially with Bassment just down the road, but you’d be wrong. The tag team of American Twonk lord Brillz and Sydney’s trap and future based god Enschway pulled people from far and wide to see a spectacular performance from both artists.

Enschway was the first artist i’ve ever seen use Rekordbox DJ in a club setting but he delivered. He played everything from instant classics such as Porter Robinson’s Language to his own massive hits such as Timezone with Perth’s own Luude. He even threw out his brand new edit of Showtek & Noisecontrollers “Get Loose” to a great Crowd reaction. This made his set one of the most nostalgic sets I’ve seen all year and left me yearning for more.

Brillz on the other hand delivered his signature Twonk sound on the Ambar system. He played a great mixture of his own catalogue and current trap infused hits. But this wasn’t all he took Ambar’s history into consideration and dropped Laxx and His breaks / jersey inspired hit Buck. This put the cherry on top of a great night and made me satisfied of the high $35 door charge.



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