EMAS WEEKENDER: 15-17/7/2016 HILINE’s 1st Birthday

by Zac Bozanakis

Having not much knowledge about ATLiens, in all honesty, I was going into Hiline’s 1st Birthday at Ambar Nightclub very blind to the style and genres these guys like to pump out. As a whole, the event felt great, with some extremely bass filled tracks that swooped everyone onto the dance floor. Supported by some big names from EMAS, I would warn that the tunes were not for the faint of heart, in particular some notorious EMAS DJs throwing down a gritty mixture of DnB and dubstep to keep the party going after ATLiens. With ATLiens’ very unique silver masks, their stage presence was next level (big fan of the red, glowing eyes) and their heavy bass tunes complemented that aspect very well. Another aspect of their set that I enjoyed was the breakdown of some RnB/Hip Hop tracks to settle the crowd, in particular the rinsers that looked like they were on the verge of a cardiac arrest, for another emphatic drop. Overall, I definitely think Hiline chose the right group of DJs, especially ATLiens, to celebrate their 1st birthday with style.

ATLiens (1)


by Naomi Alban

Happy 1st birthday Hiline. The popular club night reached it’s one year anniversary Friday night, and it sure shaped up to be a big one. For one year, Hiline has created a great success, booking artists covering all likes of bass music, from international artists such as Dj Craze, Hucci, Habstrakt and many more. As punters spilled into Ambar nightclub Friday night, support acts, Keef x VERT, Oriental Cravings and Childish Antics x Djinn all drew a crowd, creating an impelling atmosphere for headline artist ATliens. Rapidly scaling the ranks with the support of major international artists, the masked trap-induced duo delivered follower’s favourites such as Kingston that established their overnight SoundCloud success. However, their one and a half hour set varied to ensure they also featured crowd favourites, which was implied when they opened their set with Flume’s remix of You Me. Whilst a thrilling night filled with good tunes, a Happy Birthday song and let’s not forget the fairy bread, ATliens pleased loyal Hiline punters and fans with their enjoyable but standard set. The night was brought to a close with DJ’s Ellicct x Rivers x Slack Hoes, who kept punters on the dance floor until the early hours of the morning with some necessary drum and bass. After a year, Hiline has still maintained a good following, being up there as my favourite Ambar club night thus far. If you haven’t already, I would encourage anyone to check it out, even after a night out, why not have kick ons at Ambar? Don’t forget to look out for the next international artist! Also many play catered to the vibe of the crowd, as a DJ should, therefore, whilst drum and bass or trap may not be your most desired, you may be surprise yourself with satisfaction of the diversity of such artists!

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