EMAS Weekender: 1/10/2016 Jungle Is Massive

by Tanuj Ruhal

On General Levy and Micky Finn’s tour of down under, the Jungle is Massive show visited the old Drum and Bass HQ of the world – Perth. Micky Finn unfortunately cancelled his appearance in Perth leaving it to the General to take on a massive two-hour MC performance which rocked the mixed aged crowd until one in the morning.

Knowing that the event advertised itself as a Jungle night, I wasn’t expecting much more than a small crowd of the old DnB generation of Perth – I was so wrong! Ranging from eighteen to fifty-year olds, the crowd could not have been more diverse.

The night started off with local talent – Trinity, Psyk, Matty D and host MC Xsessiv. They entertained with a mix of tracks new and old whilst we witnessed some very creative free-styling from Xsessiv. At eleven, the General walked in and the crowd’s reaction was second to none! He had everyone in the room in the palm of his hands with his unique voice and style. Teasing with his collaboration with M Beat (“Incredible”) at least four times during the night, the General rapped to a huge range of tracks including Reggae, Moombahton, Jungle, Drum n’ Bass, Trap, Bass House etc. He touched anything and everything including party anthems such as Major Lazer’s “Lean On”.

If I was to take away anything from my experience at the Rosemount on Saturday, it would be that jungle is not dead. There is definitely a younger generation of Drum and Bass fans who appreciate the art form of freestyle MC’ing to a wobbly and floppy reese bass.

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