EMAS Reviews: Virtual Riot & Dubloadz

Wow. Just…..wow. I’ve seen a lot of artists in my time, and only on a few occasions have I left the club in an almost complete state of awe. I can safely say that last Saturday was another one of those times. The Syndicate really pulled out all the stops for their return to Villa, teaming up with Disciple Recordings to bring in two hugely popular, incredibly energetic live performers.

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This event saw Virtual Riot, the extraordinarily talented German producer, return to Perth for another sold-out show, alongside Dubloadz, the heavy-hitting, energetic madman from the US. Teamed up with Disciple co-founder Myro, this star-studded line-up was sure to bring down the roof of Villa, and oh boy, did they deliver.
The night started with label-boss Myro stepping onto the stage. With very few songs to his name, people were unsure what to expect from the bulky Englishman, but he undoubtedly held his own against the other two headliners. One for the Riddim fans out there, Myro didn’t take long to get the crowd moving, with the inclusion of a crowd favourite Riddim track: Badklaat’s Head Crush. Unfortunately, Myro’s set, and the energy of the crowd, hit a bump at about 40 minutes into his set, as technical difficulties meant he was only able to use one of the two decks for a good 10. After the rush to get another deck set up, Myro instantly won back the crowd by dropping Zomboy’s much-loved Like a Bitch, which saw the somewhat sombre crowd erupt into cheers.

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At 1am it was finally time for the big man Virtual Riot to step up on stage. A personal favourite producer of mine, I’d waited a long time for the opportunity to see him perform live, and the hour that followed was nothing short of mind-blowing. Being one of the best DJ abilities I’ve ever seen, paired with an incredible light-show and stage set up, Virtual Riot’s set was without a doubt one of the most amazing hours of my life. His energy on stage was captivating, and his set was full of so many twists and turns that I was never sure what to expect next. A triple-mix of Burial x Yasuo x Jotaro was honestly one of the most confusing, awesome things I have ever heard, and his hit song Dragons managed to make the entire crowd scream out in ridiculously inaccurate Japanese. He opened the mosh with Throwing Elbows, he got everyone singing with Promises, and he put on one of the best performances I’ve been lucky to bear witness to.19665546_825211060979007_3451156735961092359_n
📷: KS Digital Media
The final act was Dubloadz, who, despite the late start time, had no trouble keeping the crowd engaged. With his new album set to release in August, Dubloadz brought some new firepower with him to throw at the Villa crowd, and they were extremely well received. Riddim Rats and Mind Eraser were two honourable mentions, which were paired nicely with Midnight T’s Jurassic and NGHTMRE’s much loved Feel Your Love. The use of sound bites in between songs has always been something that I’ve loved, and Dubloadz was sure to provide plenty of them. Nothing can quite explain the hilarity when you hear “FUCK OFF” being yelled through the speakers. And if you ever want to hear what happens when the entire crowd attempts to sing a dubstep song, just wait to hear everyone’s attempt at mirroring Monxx’s Wonky Song, that’s bound to make you laugh.
The triple-headline event was easily one of the best shows I have been to in a long time, and I can safely say this was one that will be hard to match in the future. You really, really shouldn’t have missed this.

Written By Will Marsh | Student at Curtin University

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