EMAS Reviews: Hiline ft. Slushii + K?d

Over the course of 2017, Hiline have thrown down some fantastic events, and this one was definitely no exception. Bringing two of electronic music’s fastest growing young stars, Slushii and K?d to Villa, was bound to cause a riot. I can safely say, Hiline weren’t wrong when they told everyone this would be their biggest show of the year.

Almost managing to reach the 800 capacity of Villa, a massive crowd turned out to see the young prodigies blow the roof off the place, and it was refreshing to see such a good turnout when so many club nights in Perth have been struggling to get people through the doors in recent months.

First up was K?d (pronounced Kid, not K-question mark-d like I thought for a month) and despite being quite a fresh face in the electronic music scene, he most definitely held his own. The 20 year-old producer from Miami has been making waves in the music industry through producing some fantastically mesmerising trap. Unsure of what to expect, I was most definitely satisfied with the experience, as he put together a set that captured all the elements of heavy bass music and smooth trap in one harmonious hour.

He played a very diverse set, with songs ranging from RL Grime’s Reims to Feel Good Inc. by Gorillaz, and whether you like his music or not, he undoubtedly played something that just about everyone could enjoy. His set was one that I’d describe as having a very ‘unce-unce’ feel to it, and the upbeat tempo kept everyone engaged and moving throughout the hour. It wouldn’t be a true hour of bass if he didn’t play Monxx’s Wonky Song, which always manages to get the crowd to yell at the top of their lungs. On top of that, he played some of his biggest trap hits, including Lose Myself and Discover, which slowed the pace down and really helped the flow of his set. Overall he threw down an extremely enjoyable hour, that served fantastically as a crowd pleaser to get everyone even more hyped for Slushii.


As K?d made his way off stage, his younger counterpart Slushii took his place. Having previously seen him play at Touch Bass earlier in the year, I was very excited to see how he’d evolved in the past 7 months, and whether his style of performance had changed. He played what was, in my opinion, the best set at Touch Bass, and there’s no doubt in my mind he’s managed to improve even more since then.

His set was far more heavy than that of K?d, but there was also a huge amount of diversity as well. He was playing heavy bass tunes from the likes of Flux Pavilion, Barely Alive and Skrillex, but before long he’d be mixing in throwbacks like Wonderwall by Oasis. It was definitely unexpected, and I couldn’t help but laugh when the hit 90’s tune We Like To Party by Vengaboys was mixed into some incredibly heavy Riddim, making some sort of weird clusterfuck of rapid beats and metallic synths that somehow worked together. Toward the end of his set, he slowed the tempo down, and sung aloud to the crowd one of the songs from his debut future-bass album Out of Light. It was a very heart-warming way to end his set, and it really showcased just how diverse and talented Slushii really is. The only downside I can pick out was that he failed to play some of his earlier music. So Long didn’t make an appearance, as well as some others, and it seemed he substituted them for some of his newer songs, like his fresh dubstep release Next Level. This wasn’t an overall detriment to his set, I just would have liked to hear some more of the songs that made me fall in love with his style of music.

Before I close this off, I need to pay homage to the visual design for this show. Having spent a lot of time at Villa over the last year, I’ve grown used to a fairly standard display when it comes to background visuals. Normally I don’t expect anything more than an artist’s name floating above them in some sort of fancy text, but this, this was something else. K?d’s backgrounds took on quite a cyborg-style theme. These featured lots of robots, guns, and severed hands as weird as that might be. They were so detailed and perfectly animated that they were really quite mesmerising.

Slushii’s visuals were, in my opinion, the best I’ve ever seen at Villa. His production team had done fantastically, and I got just as much enjoyment out of watching his visuals as I did listening to the music. Seeing a pink Spiderman bouncing around on screen transitioning into Optimus Prime dabbing was amazing, and I never knew what to expect next. It was a visual masterpiece, with Yu-Gi-Oh cards coming to life before your very eyes, and Star Wars fighters flying towards you, they couldn’t help but add to the euphoria I was already feeling.

Slushii and K?d made a fine addition to the roster Hiline have managed to get their hands on over the course of 2017, and this party was, yet again, one that you definitely shouldn’t have missed.



Will Marsh| Curtin Student| Dubstep enthusiast

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