Emas Reviews: Borgore & Loudpvck

After a highly successful tour of Australia back in 2015, dubstep’s very own ‘meme lord’, Borgore, finally came rolling back through Perth, and with LOUDPVCK on support, it’s safe to say people will still be feeling that post-rave buzz. The much-awaited return of the Israeli dubstep producer saw a huge crowd packed into Metro City for what was without a doubt the biggest show Artillery have put on all year.

After a solid set from the upcoming duo on support; Release the Woolves, LOUDPVCK, the first headliners of the night, stepped up onto stage. And I can safely say their set would have surprised just about everyone. The duo from Los-Angeles primarily produce trap, and I, like many others, expected a set based around that genre. What we got is best described as some sort of weird clusterfuck, made up of about every genre you can name. It was amazing, and incredibly entertaining, but I must admit I was very surprised that they played a set dominated by dubstep, not the smooth trap sounds that made them famous.

They opened with Skillex’s Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, which caught the crowd’s attention immediately. From then on they just played tune after tune. Throwing Elbows, Alone, even Cannonball, I don’t think it could have gotten any better. My only critique has to be Kendrick Lamar’s Humble. Seriously can people stop playing that song? It literally came on 3 times in the space of the night and I’m over it.

Regardless, the duos presence on stage was fantastic, they made sure the crowd’s energy never lulled, and they worked brilliantly as a team.

As sad as I was for the end of LOUDPVCK’s set, I couldn’t supress my excitement for Borgore when it finally came time for him to step onto the stage and gift us with 90 minutes of greatness. Sadly though, in my entirely honest opinion, Borgore…..really wasn’t anything special. I’m not saying he was bad, not by any means, I just think that what everyone expected, isn’t quite what everyone got. To break it down, his set seemed to be in three parts. The first third was Riddim, the second was DnB, and his last was Dubstep. While this did mean he provided everyone with a lot of diversity, it also meant that his set, at times, lacked the flow that the crowd needs to remain engaged.

Undeniably, he threw down some bangers, and had no trouble opening up moshpit after moshpit. He played Jotaro, The Paradox, and of course some of his biggest tunes like Forbes. What he seemed to lack however, was flow. It was up and down for most of his set, and at times, I, as well as many other people, seemed to struggle to stay focused and entertained. He did remedy this towards the end of his set, when he started playing some of his most popular songs like Daddy and Magic Trick, and when this happened, the boost in the crowds energy was extremely noticeable.

I have to give props to the production of the show. The backgrounds were some of the trippiest, most mesmerising things I’ve seen in quite a while. One minute, giant cats were destroying the city with lasers, the next, hentai was playing on the screen. Yes, there were literally scantily dressed Asian cartoon girls on the big screen at Metro City. This would have been incredibly weird, had his face not kept randomly popping up as well, which made the whole thing a lot more humorous.

Of course, he couldn’t play 100’s without having a twerk off. Everyone who knows anything about him, knows just how seedy Borgore is, and it didn’t surprise anyone when he brought girls from the crowd up on stage. I personally wasn’t fazed, but I also wasn’t surprised. Whether it made people’s nights better, I have no idea.

Overall, the boys at Artillery put on a good show. The crow atmosphere was great, the artists performed fantastically, and this, paired with mesmerising lights and visuals, made for all-in-all, a very enjoyable night. In my personal opinion, LOUDPVCK stole the show, but the big man Borgore still put on an entertaining, albeit very interesting performance.


Will Marsh| Curtin Student| Dubstep enthusiast

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