EMAS REVIEWS: Bassment’s Third Birthday ft. Gentlemens Club, Badklaat, Massappeals & Kamakaze

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Wow. Where do you even begin. When a line-up of that scale graces Perth, it’s not surprising that you still feel a buzz over the following few days. The team at Bassment sure as hell know how to throw a birthday party, this being their third birthday.

With a line-up featuring English heavy-hitter Badklaat, and the highly anticipated Gentlemens Club, it was sure to be a night of floor shaking bass and filthy wubs, and the addition of English Grime up-and-comers Massapeals and Kamikaze was sure to make the night just that much more interesting.

While many people seemed to be sceptical of Massapeals’ abilities, he most definitely managed to hold his own, dropping some of the biggest grime tracks of the last few years, bringing all the roadmen-wannabes to the front of the crowd as they sung all 4 of the words they know to Skepta’s That’s Not Me. The addition of live performer Kamikaze really boosted the energy of the crowd, and his impeccable flow mixed with crowd interaction meant that even those who aren’t fans of grime still had an enjoyable hour.

Next up was Badklaat, who’s heavy mixture of riddim and dubstep was sure to satisfy everyone’s desires. Being the first international artist to ever grace Bassment, all the way back in 2014, it made sense for him to step up and help make the Third Birthday something truly special. One for the riddim fans out there, Badklaat’s set was loud and heavy. Despite a somewhat…..tired crowd, it didn’t take long for him to get people moving. His big track Head Crush soon gave the crowd some energy, and as expected, Throwing Elbows got everyone’s arms flailing uncontrollably. While not to everyone’s taste, Badklaat’s impeccable DJ abilities made his set one that was difficult not to enjoy.


Photo: AH Photography

As 1am struck, it was the moment everyone had been waiting for. The sight of Coffi, Solomon and 50 Carrot popping up on stage sent crowds wild, with enough cheers to make the walls shake. There’s no denying that the trio know how to work a crowd, with their MC abilities almost matching their DJ skills. Their energy on stage was amazing, and their set, full of heavy-hitting fan favourites like New Presidents, ensured that the trio once again left a mark on Perth.

Lastly was the ‘secret special guest’. Many like myself were praying for Eptic to emerge on stage, but sadly it wasn’t to be. It was however, the big man himself, the Perth favourite, p0gman who stepped into the light, and with a performance the likes of what he put on, it’s clear to see why Perth loves him so much. His set, full of heavy bass and crashing wubs, kept the crowd going deep into the night, and was a fantastic end to the birthday festivities.

The huge celebration was enough to settle every bass junkies’ cravings for a long while, and was sure to be a night that left people buzzing long into the following week.

Will Marsh | Student at Curtin University
Fun-loving dubstep enthusiast with a passion for electronic music

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