Emas Reviews: BANX’s 4th Birthday featuring Atliens

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This week I returned to Villa yet again, to see the American duo by the name of Atliens help Banx celebrate their 4th birthday. Initially the event didn’t really catch my eye as I knew very little about the headlining artists, but when you get offered a free ticket to a bass event, it’s hard to say no. It’s safe to say I didn’t regret my decision to go, as the duo really left a mark on Villa, and ensured that Banx’s birthday was a party to remember.

Starting off the night was co-headliner, A1 Dubz. The local DJ/producer has been making quite a name for himself in recent months, and it wasn’t surprising to see his name as part of the local lineup. Opening his set with Monxx’s crowd favourite, ‘The Wonky Song’, really set the stage for the hour to come, and he did an excellent job in delivering a heavy, yet very well balanced set.









📷:Marcelo Productions

Co-headling alongside A1 was another local DJ/Producer, Avance, who again, has been making waves through Perth in the last few months.  Paired with MC’s Macshane and Xcessive, Avance’s set was interesting to say the least. He played everything from Zomboy to DJ Khaled, and every now and then one of the MC’s would take off on some sort of weird freestyle that was generally really difficult to understand. Definitely not bad, but a very….different type of set.

At 1am, the Atliens finally set themselves up on stage. First things first, those masks they wear are fucking terrifying. Like seriously that’s the type of shit that’ll give me nightmares, seeing two hooded figures on stage staring at me with glaring red eyes and alien masks, but looking past that, their set was extremely enjoyable.

If I was to describe it in one word, diverse would be it. They started off by jumping in hard, dropping crowd favourite tunes including “Jefe”, “MFU” and “Dragons”, but not long after they were playing a lot more rap edits. While it was interesting, and flowed very well, I did notice that the crowd seemed to lose a bit of energy when this happened. Besides the glaring red eyes, the duo didn’t have much stage presence, which meant when the music lulled, they didn’t really keep the crowd engaged. They did remedy this quite well, by picking up the pace of their set again, and gradually, they won back the crowd After 45 minutes, they’d played everything from DnB to Riddim to Trance, and you never really knew where they were going to go next.


📷:Marcelo Productions

This was even further solidified when they played “We Are the Champions” by Queen, which they then proceeded to mix into Lil Jon yelling “I GO LIKE A MUTHERFUCKIN PRISON RIOT”. It was hilarious and I loved every second of it. The duo worked excellently together, showing great chemistry on stage, and while it didn’t really stand out to me as one of those ‘mind-blowing’ events, everyone there will agree that they put on a fantastic show.

To be quite blunt, the crowd was pretty shit. Despite a solid 600 person turnout, Villa almost felt empty, and the crowd just never really seemed to come together. People just seemed to have no energy, and it almost came across as a lack of respect for the show the Atliens were putting on. Hands down it was one of the least-motivated, boring crowds I’ve been a part of, and it definitely put a downer on the experience. It’s always a shame to see international artists have to put up with a shitty crowd, and I’m sure it makes them a lot less motivated to come back. Hopefully they didn’t really notice, I doubt they can see much through those red lights in their eyes anyway.

Credit to the Atliens, they did a brilliant job and threw down an extremely engaging, entertaining set, and despite the crowd, the event was definitely worth attending

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