EMAS Long-weekender: Justin Bieber + Martin Garrix

Monday the 8th of March: the day both the Biebs and the insanely talented Martin Garrix took over Perth’s Nib stadium. It definitely finished off the long weekend with a bang for the best part of 25,000 people in Perth that attended. Garrix played a killer set and had the crowd buzzing; making the steep price for tickets well worth it. As for the Biebs, he showcased his incredible talent by laying down some incredible vocals, live instrumental performances and even a drumming solo.

Photography: Luke Baker Photography

Justin Bieber by Ellie Buchanan

The post gig blues are definitely kicking in right now. The show that was put on last night was nothing like I’ve ever really experienced before from any other touring artist. Bieber really brought a diverse performance to the table with incredible light shows, graphics, dancers and fireworks throughout his performances. The whole album of Purpose was sang including the all time banger Baby. About half way through the set he brought out a plush red couch, placed at the very end of the cat walk to sit down and serenade his crowd with acoustic versions of Love Yourself and Cold Water. Each song was incredibly raw and added an element of intimacy and depth to his gig, which up until this point, had been quite electronic.

Photography: Luke Baker Photography

He ‘ended’ the concert with the song Purpose, in which he interwove some inspiring spoken sentences about the struggles he’s encountered throughout his life in the limelight. Afterwards he came back out for an encore of Sorry, which went absolutely off. Overall I can’t deny the fact that Justin is an artist with extreme talent and brings so much quality and effort to his performance. He captivated the crowd and there wasn’t a single person sat down in their chairs.

Martin Garrix by Roger Harris

Garrix was given an hour’s spotlight to shine, and he definitely delivered. He managed to control the crowd with every song, making us throw our hands up, sing-a-long and bounce up and down. His music, combined with the light shows and graphics truly made for an impactful and memorable set. A small downside, from a DJ’s perspective is the lack of transitions Garrix did, ending each song with a fade out, waiting for the audience to applaud, before bringing in a new song, instead of making a seamless wave of banger after banger. This style, though, could be argued as situationally intentional for the crowd, as it was a pop concert where audiences are expected to applaud after every song, and not a club night with a booked DJ. Nonetheless, although a seamless mix of songs would’ve been thrilling for practicing DJs in the audience such as myself, we were the minority demographic, and the lack thereof wasn’t enough to detract from a stellar performance and evening.


Photography: Luke Baker photography

This performance was highlighted by some of Garrix’s most well-known tracks, such as his classic hit Animals and his more recent banger, In The Name of Love which closed the set to a frenzied audience still hyped from his hour of back to back remixes and absolute tunes. I, for one, can definitely say the hype still carried over, as I found myself playing his tracks at Emas ticket sales for our upcoming festival Miami Vibes, which will definitely take inspo from the tunes of Garrix and Biebs.

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