EMAS Album Review: Out of Light by Slushii

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Slushii Album Review

After two years of hard work, the 20-year-old Los-Angeles music producer, Slushii, has finally released his first full-length album. Out of Light is a future bass album released on August 4th, 2017, comprised of 13 songs in total. Fairly new to the electronic music scene, Slushii has gained a huge amount of popularity in a very short time and is now without a doubt one of the most recognised and talented music producers in the world. With a diverse range of songs and genres under his belt, Slushii is surely a name that will be around for many years to come.

Two years of development means Out of Light is a highly toned, refined album that is extremely pleasing to listen to. Its content is best described as having a very ‘floaty’ feel to it, as Slushii manages to produce such smooth sounds, making the album a breeze to listen to. However, producing 13 future bass songs doesn’t come without issues, and upon multiple listens of the album, I spent a fair amount of time pondering, thinking; do any of these songs really stand out to me? In short, repetition, and a somewhat lack of….personality in the album means to most ears the songs all sound very similar. The whole album has that distinct Slushii sound and feel to it, there’s no denying that, but when it comes down to it, the songs all share very similar characteristics.

Now, I’m not saying that the album is ‘bad’, not by any means. The music is all very well produced, and it’s even more impressive upon learning that every instrument played, and all the vocals, were done by Slushii himself. There’s no denying he’s an extremely talented producer, but the primary issue, as I stated before, is that differentiating between each song is very difficult. One has to question whether this is simply because of the genre, or whether Slushii has catered this album towards a more mainstream audience. It just felt like none of the songs had the ability to captivate me the way some of his earlier singles, like So Long or Dear Me, and in comparison to these, the songs in Out of Light felt very slow and far less memorable.

Of the 13 songs, only three really stood out. Fly High, I Still Recall, and Out of Light were the songs that made a good impression on me. They didn’t captivate me as much as some of his earlier music, but they weren’t far off.

Do I recommend listening to the album? Absolutely, the music is a breeze to listen to, and it’s 45 minutes you won’t regret filling. Will you enjoy it? That depends entirely on you. If you can look past the slow-pace of the music, and if Future Bass is your thing, then you’ll have no trouble digging into it. If you’re after something heavier, or something with a bit more intensity to it, I’d advise looking elsewhere, Out of Light isn’t for you.

Written By Will Marsh | Student and Dubstep Enthusiast 



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