Bassment Ft. Spag Heddy

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Oh boy. There’s nothing I love more than a bit of madness, and a sold out Gilkinsons for the first Bassment of the year was guaranteed to deliver. Spag Heddy, wearing a shirt covered in meatballs, stepped up to the plate and put on a show that is going to be hard to beat in the months to come.

A sold-out crowd almost always means you’re in for a good time, and before I get further into this, let me say that this was without a doubt one of the most fantastic crowds I’ve been in. The energy was incredible, and it’s hard to contain yourself when everyone around you just keeps getting you pumped up. I’ve never been involved in such a close-knit, hyped up crowd, and it was almost a better experience than the performance itself.

A1 Dubz B2B High Power secured the hour before the headliner, and despite not really being my type of music they threw down a very exhilarating Riddim set, and it was hard not to get moving. They definitely did their job, getting everyone going hard just as the main man stepped into the booth, and for the next hour, it was just pure carnage.

Obviously mad about his food, Spag Heddy came out wearing a shirt covered in meatballs with fucking faces on them. Seriously where do you buy something like that, I want it*. Not only was he covered in food, his backgrounds consisted of a shit load of Italian cuisine. I’m talking spaghetti (obviously), meatballs, pasta, and what I’m assuming is his own personal touch, “Bitch Ass Sauce”. I’ve never been to a show where the performance made me hungry, so that was definitely a first.

His energy was fantastic, and was basically having his own one-man mosh behind the decks the entire time. That’s something I really love to see, some real, raw energy. I can’t speak for other people, but I find it so much more engaging when the artist you’re seeing is obviously having an amazing time; it definitely gives me a boost. His song choice was also brilliant. Within 15 minutes of his set starting, my voice was already beginning to fail, as I couldn’t help but yell with excitement or scream out lyrics at the top of my lungs.

Opening with a combination of Downlink and Riot Ten made for a fantastic start, and within 30 seconds people were already getting the mosh pits set up. In fact, he was making so many mosh pits that the security guards took it upon themselves to break them up, not that anyone was getting hurt. Personally I thought it was one of the most respectful moshes I’ve been in. No one fell, no one got punched, the only people who got hurt were the ones the bouncers decided to plough through…. ironic huh. I could honestly bitch about the security team all day, especially regarding their decision to throw at least 60 people out over the course of the night, for no other reason than they were being “disrespectful”, but that’s not really my place…

By 30 minutes into his set, it seemed that Spag couldn’t get the crowd to go any harder. They’d hit breaking point, energy was at maximum levels, and everyone was going as hard as they possibly could. He dropped every song from his recent ‘Gospel’ EP, including ‘Strayed Up’ and ‘Vegas’, and I almost lost my mind when he mixed in ‘Samir’, a personal favourite of mine.

Towards the end of his set the energy started to dip a bit. This wasn’t unexpected, people were getting tired but he didn’t give up, throwing down bangers till the very end, including ‘Welcome to Mayhem’, and of course, ‘Throwing Elbows’.

As his set came to an end and the crowd began to dissipate, I could still feel that post-rave buzz. This had been a brilliant start to the years Bassment events, and I am very much excited to see what they’ll bring next.

*Ok so I found out it’s his own merchandise and it’s called “Lost In the Meatballs”, man I’m so done.

Written by Will Marsh

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